Fairfield In-Floor Heating Services

Are you looking for a new way to heat your Fairfield home or business, but you also want it to be quiet, clean and efficient? You can always choose to heat your home or business with in-floor heating. In-floor heating is exactly how it sounds. Rather than dealing with blazing hot radiators taking up space, or ducts that are only good for blowing dust around and losing the heat generated by the furnaces they connect to, get efficient heat right from underneath your feet!

If this sounds too good to be true, just give A-C Electrical Contractors LLC a call today and one of our licensed and insured electricians will be happy to assure you that in-floor heating is indeed the real deal. We have completed hundreds of residential and commercial in-floor heating installations all over the Fairfield area and guarantee satisfaction with your new method of heating your home or business.

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How We Install In-Floor Heating

One thing we have to make clear from the jump is that no matter how experienced you are with DIY projects, installing floor heating is a job that’s always best left to A-C Electrical Contractors LLC’s professionals. Not only is it labor-intensive to install, you need to make sure you are working with qualified electrical professionals because if it doesn’t work you are in big trouble.

When A-C Electrical Contractors LLC installs in-floor heating, we begin by exposing the subfloor. In an ideal world, we are able to conduct the installation in a new building before the flooring has been put down, but we are professionals with plenty of experience jumping through hoops and over hurdles. Once the subfloor is exposed, we apply an adhesive to the subfloor and lay down a crack-suppression membrane. Because concrete has been known to expand and contract as the temperature changes, the membrane helps support the floor.

With the membrane in place, we add the radiant-heat wire in a grid, keeping them evenly spaced to prevent hot and cool patches in the floor. And finally, this is where you’ll need our expertise the most—it’s time to power the floor heaters. We will run a dedicated circuit from your home or business’s main electrical panel to the location of the in-floor heating. We can also install the control panel or heating sensor in the wall to maximize the convenience of keeping your Fairfield home or business at the perfect temperature no matter what the weather throws at you.

You are going to love having your home or business’s heat radiate from underneath your feet.

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In-floor heat has been steadily growing in popularity throughout the Fairfield area because it offers homes and businesses efficient, reliable and clean heat. It’s perfect if you want more space and less allergy aggravation, so give A-C Electrical Contractors LLC a call today to request your free quote.